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Easyblox® is a revolutionary modular display system which allows you to truly customize and refresh the way your bicycles are presented. Instead of having a fixed display, which is not adaptable to your changing needs, you can now have a unique display system that can be rearranged quickly and easily. Soon you will be able to customize a display system that’s right for your needs, browse our in-stock selections for the most popular color combinations, or choose your own colors and build your own system with our expanded options.



Instantly ready to use. Packed and shipped in a flash.



Simple installation. No tools required. Easyblox® snap together in minutes.



Reuse the same parts over and over. Discover new and creative displays designs.


Your Showroom

Each display is engineered for lasting performance, using high-quality, durable materials that can stand up to the rigors of the retail environment. Using only three components and no tools you can assemble a display that fits your showroom floor. As a space that is well planned and easy to browse not only enhances the look of your bicycles, it also creates an environment that encourages customers to buy. Make your bicycles stand out!








Unleash your creativity and discover an exciting world of branding possibilities. Display your bikes on woodchips, grass, stones or use high gloss covers to maximise visibility. Attract attention and stand out from the crowd – the only limit is your imagination!


Our Unique Creations

A small sample of showrooms and displays created by Easyblox®. We pride ourselves on delivering functional and innovative display areas that enhance presentation of your merchandise.

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For all budgets

From conception to fulfillment, Easyblox® experts can help you create dynamic and unique showcases for your bicycles. Just order the display package you require and we’ll develop a solution that fits your application and timetable. Easyblox® combines durability and reliability with a premium look and feel. Once your Easyblox® arrive they are instantly ready to use. The bold, contemporary design assembles in minutes – no tools required!

10 Bikes €119*

for 10-12 bikes (160x40cm)

€1190 Total
30 Bikes €109*

for 30 bikes (160x40cm)

€3270 Total
100 Bikes €99*

for 100 bikes (160x40cm)

€9900 Total


What our customers say


Our showroom never looked better. Before using Easyblox®, we used to spend tons of cash on ‘innovative’ display systems, but now we just mix different blocks to come up with a new stage design every week.

BMC Group

We wanted something different and innovative for our displays. Easyblox® was the perfect solution. Affordable, durable, flexible. With Easyblox® we have an impressive showroom that we can set up and change easily.

Van Der Wal

Our company always looks for innovative solutions. However in displays, we never truly found what we were looking before we discovered Easyblox®. Its adaptability and functionality have simply amazed us.


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